​NagyHeller Solutions, Inc. emerged from a successful strategic plan, which started in 2004.  Nagy Protection Services (Los Angeles, CA) was a premier contract security service provider that faced the typical financial pressures resulting from tight margins and the customer demand for perfection. 

After a three-year period of teaming up with David Heller & Co, LLC, Nagy Protection Services achieved organic growth targets and healthy profit levels, which resulted in a merger with Andrews International in 2007.  John Nagy remained on with Andrews International, as Division President for the Western Region for another 8 years.

In 2015, Sharp Robotics Business Development, a division of Sharp Electronics Corporation, engaged the principals of David Heller & Co LLC and Nagy Solutions to assist in the evaluation of the fit of robotics into the security industry.  Along with an array of other industry specialists and end-user prospects, NagyHeller Solutions, Inc. contributed operational and financial insights for the go-to-market efforts of Sharp’s soon-to-be-unveiled autonomous outdoor security robot.  

In September 2016, Sharp launched the Sharp INTELLOS Automated Unmanned Ground Vehicle (A-UGV), which in our opinion will revolutionize the industry.

In 2017, Nagy Heller Solutions, Inc. is excited to announce that Sharp has awarded us to act as a Manufacturer’s Representative for the Sharp INTELLOS A-UGV.  With continual increases in overhead costs, the security industry will share our enthusiasm for this break-through technology.  Those seeking a comprehensive security solution for outdoor perimeter patrol will welcome the efficiency and increased effectiveness that the Sharp INTELLLOS A-UGV will bring from both operational and cost perspectives.  Security will become more effective through the re-investment of freed up working capital. 

Let NagyHeller Solutions, Inc. assist you in your robotics strategy.

NagyHeller stands with others as a proud Expert Sponsor of Robolliance, a forum for technology partners and industry experts in robotics, surveillance and security to advance the understanding and awareness of the Autonomous Robotics marketplace.  Click the icon below to visit the wealth of information found in the world of Robolliance...

​We understand how robotics can be implemented and retrofitted into existing service menus.  Please see our Services Page for further information.